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You are targeting a local audience, limited to one linguistic area, and have no intention of going beyond that.

You prefer an easy solution, with a minimal cost impact:

If you have all of the required material (logo, text, images and such) available, your site can be ready in as little as a few weeks' time.


You have a wide intended audience, and want to project that image through your site.

You are living in an area where people speak several different languages, and you want to address all of those different language groups.

You want your site to have an international appeal.

In all of those cases, Babelsite provided sites offer you many advantages:

On a side note, Babelsite was started as a result of the realization of a multilingual site:

As an active member of a multinational association, Lucile Cognard was responsible for setting up a site that had to be available in 5 different languages. Because the content of that site was changing on a regular basis, its structure needed to be designed in a special way to maximally facilitate its maintenance.

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