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Static content

This is the simplest approach.

Your texts and images are set in place with HTML. Colors, fonts and additional ornaments are supplied through CSS directives. For both languages, Babelsite engages itself to always respect the available standards.

Please bear in mind that a website is sure to evolve over time. If you are familiar with the use of computers, a recommended approach is that you make the necessary modifications to the site yourself.

Babelsite can learn you how to do that, and recommend freely available software to do so.

Dynamic content

If you are going for a multilingual site, then this is the way to go. However, there are a lot of advantages beyond just the multilingual aspect.

The different pages of your site will all be dynamically created by small snippets of code, spread across your site. When a visitor requests a page, the code will get the content of that page from a database query, and then present it the way you designed it. The programming language used here is PHP, and the database is MySQL.

Dynamic content – managed by you

To modify pages on your site, you will now have to change the content of your database.

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